Sunday, July 1, 2012

How To Level Up Faster On Stardoll!

Here is how to level up easier and faster on Stardoll!
STEP 1: Go to your suite & scroll down until you see your awards. You may have to press the arrow button if they're not open.
STEP 2: Hover over the awards you don't have. The ones you don't have will have a question mark.
STEP 3: Read the descriptions on the awards when you hover over them. They will have tasks you must do to get the awards.
STEP 4: Complete the task an you will get the award and 2+ starpoints.
And You're Done! The more awards you get, the faster you will level up. Starpoints help you level up. So get the awards with big starpoints and you will get to level up fast! ♥ Lily